This poster is how I see the reality of being alive: we are constantly subjected to change from the outside, through our position in the physical universe, through the endless permutations going on in our own internal system, add to that the pressures of our history, language, people and social circumstances and where we are positioned geographically on the planet. However, it also suggests that we have power, the power to choose how we deal with the moment: with joy or with fear, with confusion or clarity.

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Poster Ordering

If you'd like a copy of this poster, please write an email to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with your address details where the poster should be sent to.
I also need an email address to which I can send the bill. The bill will be sent by Paypal, which is the only payment method I can offer.
As soon as payment is received I'll complete the order with the printers, who will dispatch it to you at the address you provide.
It's a bit of a procedure, but I've not found a fulfilment company to do this so far.

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