May 2020

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Love is......

Yes, good question: what is love? It's a word that is used in so many different situations that the question is definitely worth spending time on.I'm sure it's not what I hear in the Blues; or what I ... read more..

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Clearly we know nothing about parenting

One thing that never ceases to surprise me, is the number of parents who seem to believe that the children belong to them, in the sense that they believe that they have not only the responsibility for... read more..

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Civilisation is the wrong word to associate with humanity

The phrase "Civilised Society" is often used to point out the faults of "uncivilised members of human society". When I look at the current state of the evolution of humanity as a society, then I see v... read more..

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The absurdity of War

During the current pandemic crisis, we have seen innumerable acts of kindness, generosity, and help from individuals for individuals. That is so inspiring to see and read and makes me realise that "th... read more..

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Start with Answers, not Questions

To me it's completely obvious, but apparently I'm in the minority, that I am a human being, the result of billions of years of evolution of the universe. As such, I also recognise and respect my fello... read more..

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Sitting up Mud and Lying down Mud

In the 60's, Kurt Vonnegut published the story called "Cat's Cradle". In this fictitious world, Kurt invents a religion called Bokonism. At one point in the story, there is the death ceremony. I found... read more..

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Planet Earth: home for the clinically insane

Every day demonstrates that almost all people are crazy. Look at the stuff we do! Look at how we treat each other! And why? because we're nuts, that's why. And why are we nuts? Because we don't have ... read more..