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Personal Responsibility or Blame?

I realised a long time ago that blame doesn't work - the problem remains however much I may blame someone else or God or Fate. So I've learnt to take responsibility. It makes life so much simpler. He... read more..

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Real love - what is that?

Over 100 years ago, Swami Vivekananda was travelling in the West and trying to pass on his Understanding of the spiritual world. Among the many talks he gave is this one, It is the most perfect descri... read more..

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All for lazyness!

Im often amazed at the amount of effort we put in to avoid doing anything. It seems to be increasing too! What am I talking about? Prem Rawat recently described technology as "finding new ways to do o... read more..

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Educating the ignorant

So what went wrong? What happened to us that we stopped taking care of each other and our environment? These questions have made me think about our educational systems. Clearly, humans are not being e... read more..

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Lemmings and Ostriches

There are, apparently completely mythical, stories told about lemmings all following each other blindly over the edge of a cliff and that ostriches stick their heads in the sand when they are frighten... read more..

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Blame! Blame! Blame!

So, it's absolutely clear: it's not my fault, so it must be somebody else's fault! They should do something about it!  I find it fascinating and disturbing how the whole world seems to point the... read more..

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To vaccinate or not?

What a debate! And why? I don't understand the resistance to being vaccinated against an obnoxious and deadly illness. For me, my health is important and I do my best to look after my body - it's all ... read more..

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Sex = Love?

Does sex equal love? Or does love equal sex? It strikes me that custom dictates that both are right, which is not how I see it at all.  The custom I refer to is marriage. This institute demand... read more..

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So, who CAN you trust?

The word trust is used a lot. Defined as :  firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something."relations have to be built on trust" And yet, despite the "firm belief... read more..

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Are you who you were?

"Why don't you grow up" is a phrase often used. Yet what is that implying? I suspect it implies that you have not reached the stage of maturity expected of someone. What a meaningless idea! The quo read more..

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My generation - Baby Boomers

I often think that I am very privileged to have been born when I was. I grew up when the technology was more mechanical than digital. Working hard was financially rewarded sufficiently that we could e... read more..

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Butterflies and Tornados

Eduard Lorenz, a mathematician and meteorologist, discovered that a very small change in initial conditions had created a significantly different outcome. This was named the butterfly effect. It postu... read more..

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A better Human Being

"Of all that has been written, all the wisdom of the world, all the scriptures, all the nice sayings, there’s only one purpose for it all—for you to be a better person." —Prem Rawat What is "a be read more..

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Fear of God

Strange expression, I find. "God fearing"; "Fear God". It's an expression which seems prevalent in the Torah (Old Testament), as well as in the Quran. I've also read it in the Granth Sahib of the Sikh... read more..

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On trying to please everybody

Reading the news regarding COVID around the world, it's easy to see what the drivers are in the political arena which decides on the measures to deal with the pandemic. The countries where politics pu... read more..