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Reincarnation - Life after death?

It's amazing how many people believe in some form of reincarnation. I've been thinking quite a lot about that and here's my view on it. For me, it boils down to one thing: is there any proof that hum... read more..

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Mammon, God of Greed, Stupidity and Ignorance

I know a person, who is a fan of just about every conspiracy theory going. One of them talks about "Reptiloids", i.e. not human beings who look like humans but are actually demons or come from another... read more..

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Human Education

Looking at the state of the crazy world we live in, it seems to me clear that whatever we have been teaching our children and ourselves doesn't work.Oh, we are great at understanding and using technol... read more..

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The real Miracle

I received a letter recently which led to a lot of thinking. The handwritten letter was addressed to me personally and came from someone in the next village along to where I live. This person was a Je... read more..

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Alive and Conscious?

I was chatting to someone the other day and they said that they didn't believe in God. I know there are a lot of atheists and agnostics, so this little article is aimed at them :-) How do I know I'... read more..

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Balance is always

When an object is not moving, according to Physics, it's in a state of balance. Any forces on the object are balanced by forces in the opposite direction. The thing is, nothing is ever really in ... read more..

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Fear as the driving force

Einstein said, “There are 3 great forces in the world. Stupidity, fear and greed.” And looking at today's world, who can contradict him? Thinking about the latest war, the one in the Ukraine, it... read more..

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What is religion?

If I have any readers, they will probably have worked out that essentially I am only interested in one thing: living my life to become a better human being.I've written elsewhere what the characterist... read more..