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People or Humans?

There are a lot of people on the planet, but, it seems, very few Humans. That seems to be an outrageous statement, but to me, it appears to be that way. Why do I think that? It boils down to... read more..

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What is the purpose of religious organisations?

I appreciate that at the ground level, religion provides many kindnesses and support for people. My beef is with the organisations, the Churches and Temples, synagogues and Mosques and all those inst... read more..

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Zionism is the root cause of all troubles in the Middle East

In the post-second World War, the Zionists started their war to create a "homeland for Jews". People like the Stern Gang and others were classed as terrorists by the British Government, who managed Pa... read more..

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Autocratic countries of the world

I've been wondering what percentage of the world is currently run by autocratic governments, i.e. countries where the population doesn't have much to say in how the country is run. I found a website ... read more..

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Blame, instead of listening

The tendency to resort to blame rather than listening is a common phenomenon in human communication. When faced with conflicts, disagreements, or misunderstandings, people often find it easier to assi... read more..

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Are Humans the stupidest Creatures on the planet?

A short discussion with ChatGPT. Humans don't seem to learn from history. Are they so stupid as to be capable to cause their own extinction? Human history is indeed marked by a recurring pattern of ... read more..

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Consciousness and Respect

It is my contention that respect for oneself and for others is a quality which enables a person to grow as a human being. Lack of respect inevitably leads to situations where a disagreement on a topic... read more..